The Fascinating History of the MGM Grand and MGM Signature Las Vegas Condos

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Did you know that the MGM Signature Las Vegas condos have welcomed residents since 2006? They’re just steps from the action, but you can retire to your own private residence when you need to relax.

The MGM Grand is one of the most famous hotels and casinos located on the Strip. Ask any visitor – it is synonymous with the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas. Together, this massive hotel, condo, and entertainment complex is legendary around the world.

MGM Bedroom with a view

The Early History of the MGM Signature Site

In the 1960s, the property was the site of the Golf Club Motel, and in 1985 it was replaced by the 700-room Airport Marina Hotel. Kirk Kerkorian then bought the property, as he had his sights set on a much larger resort. Next, he purchased the Tropicana Country Club and the San Rémo in order to expand the site.

Kerkorian originally planned to demolish the Marina, but he was impressed by the quality of its construction. Therefore, he decided to build around it instead. It still remains as the west wing of the main hotel!

The MGM Grand Officially Opens

Owners opened the MGM Grand in 1993 after recognizing that Las Vegas was changing. They realized that ‘Sin City’ was beginning to embrace elaborate theme hotels and a ‘family-friendly’ vibe.

The hotel and casino originally had a Wizard of Oz theme, hence the bright green “Emerald City” color of the building. An animatronic Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion greeted you when you walked into the main entrance, and they were all posed in front of an elaborate yellow brick road walk-through. This was more of a Disney-style attraction, and it came complete with a cornfield, haunted forest, and apple orchard!

The MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park opened in 1993 and was located on a large plot behind the casino. It was meant to make Las Vegas seem more family-friendly. However, the park was off the Strip and never performed well. As a result, it closed after the 2000 season. (Today, this is the site of the luxury Las Vegas condos, The Signature at MGM Grand.)

Renovations in the ‘90s

The Oz theme was tired by 1996, and it was out of sync with the luxury that the owners wanted to convey. As a result, the Oz characters were the first thing to go! Next, construction teams demolished the massive Leo the Lion (MGM’s mascot) ‘lion’s mouth’ entrance. This was all part of a $250 million renovation project. After that point, the MGM Grand became the sophisticated resort and casino that it is today.

In 2017, owners elected to expand the MGM Grand convention conference center to a huge total of 850,000 sq. ft. Today, the property has an enviable 90% occupancy rate.

MGM spacious living

What about the MGM Signature High-Rise condos?

The MGM Signature Las Vegas condos consist of 3 towers, 38 stories each. They’re located on the former site of The MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park. These are truly world-class condos, boasting a mix of hotel suites and residential units. Moving sidewalks between Tower 1 and Tower 2 connect the MGM Resorts to the main MGM Grand Casino.

Today, the site is home to a new convention center and the luxury of the MGM Signature high rise condos. Because of this, the MGM Grand’s brand is stronger than ever in Vegas!

With panoramic views and amenities such as private swimming pool access, the amazing units at this condo hotel are a must see. Check out our real estate for sale at the MGM Signature Las Vegas and schedule a time to view a luxury condominium today!





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