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Top Three Best Las Vegas Steakhouses

Top Three Best Las Vegas Steakhouses

No other city on the planet can offer diners the sheer variety of steakhouses that Las Vegas can offer. Sin City does steakhouses almost as well as it does casinos, and there is a steakhouse in the city to suit every budget and every style of dining.

Las Vegas is home to traditional steakhouses that have served the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Joe DiMaggio. That said, Vegas also boasts contemporary steakhouses where molecular gastronomy steaks or natural antibiotic and hormone free meat are all on offer. Whatever your steak restaurant preference, you are bound to find the best of the best to suit your taste, wallet, and taste buds in Las Vegas.

Here are our top three favorite steakhouses in Las Vegas.

The Golden Steer

Considered the oldest steakhouse in Las Vegas, The Golden Steer has served all the great celebrities of a bygone era since its opening in 1958. Despite its vintage feel, it is still one of the most popular steakhouses in the city. Once obscure, the North Strip is now a vibrant place filled with cool attractions and hotels that keep the diners rolling in. The Golden Steer is traditional in décor, with dark wood and old timey Wild West art.

Despite its fame, the iconic Golden Steer offers great value food in comparison to the many celebrity chef restaurants that adorn the Strip. Cut into tender prime rib, massive sirloins and a selection of delicious sides.

SW Steakhouse

Set at Wynn Las Vegas, the SW Steakhouse is well known across the city for using real Kobe beef. SW Steakhouse was the first restaurant in the entire United States to sell certified Japan Kobe Beef, and even now it is just one of two restaurants in the US to boast this delicacy on its menu. SW Steakhouse is well worth a visit for a true beef tasting experience like no other found on this continent.

For the indecisive or the gastronomically adventurous, SW Steakhouse offers a tasting sampler that features five portions of rare and unusual steak for an exciting culinary experience.

Gordon Ramsey Steak

Gordon Ramsey is British celebrity chef who is known for his outspoken and angry personality. He is a true icon, and the Gordon Ramsey Steak restaurant pays real homage to his Scottish roots. Some of the most famous dishes on offer include an Iced Shellfish Platter, Roasted Beef Wellington, Triple Seared Japanese A5 Kobe, decadent Mac and cheese, and Ramsay’s legendary Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert. The menu alone will have you drooling – imagine the excitement when the food arrives!

The restaurant is set in Paris, Las Vegas and is a short walk from nearby Las Vegas condos and just a quick taxi ride away from the Park Avenue condominium – this is the perfect place for a delicious steak meal and the start to a great night out.

The huge cuts of meat as well as delicious sides on offer mean that a taxi back to Park Avenue is a must so you can fill up and indulge to your heart’s content.

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