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The Best Buffets in Las Vegas

The Best Buffets Las Vegas Has To Offer

While Las Vegas has an iconic status for glitz, glamor and, of course, high-stakes betting, visiting a decadent Las Vegas buffet is a must-do experience while in town. Eating at a buffet is a classic part of the Las Vegas vacation, and it is one that truly wipes out all other competition. No other buffets around the world can compare.

In Las Vegas, a buffet isn’t a stereotypical affair consisting of congealed food at lukewarm temperatures. No, it is instead an indulgent feast consisting of high-quality fare that you’ll be unable to resist.

There are many buffets across the city, and thankfully they’re all a short taxi ride home to your Las Vegas condos when you’re stuffed. For inspiration on your Las Vegas buffet adventure here are two fantastic buffet restaurants to visit while you are in town.

Wicked Spoon

The concept of a buffet at the Wicked Spoon (located at the Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino) is slightly different. Many of us know what it’s like to pile our plates high with food, which we then quickly realise that we don’t like or that we can’t eat. While still being a buffet, Wicked Spoon creates unique dishes on small individual plates so you can have a reasonably sized portion without filling up too quickly on one item. This means that you get to eat exactly what you like while reducing food waste – a win win situation!

Wicked Spoon features a seafood station, an Asian area, an Italian zone as well as a traditional carving station that serves prime rib, pork, lamb and decadent roasted bone marrow. There is an extensive amount of side dishes on offer, as well as a fantastic salad bar that features food from around the planet.

While a novice will fill up in this eatery quickly, those in the know will make sure to leave room for the huge dessert section. The dessert section includes an array of pastries, cakes and even sugar-free products. That said the gelato bar is the most famous section, and deservedly so. The gelato bar offers a stunning selection of the rich and creamy Italian treat, with so many flavours you’ll have to come back several times to try a bite of every one.

Paris Le Village Buffet

Designed to look like a charming and typical French village, Paris Le Village Buffet is an unusual buffet that serves all of its food with a French twist. Each food station is named after a French province, and is even decorated to look like a village from that region.

The most notable feature of Paris Le Village Buffet is its incredible made to order crepe station. Here, a chef freshly prepares a sweet or savoury crepe of your choice, right in front of your eyes. All of the creations taste divine. Nearby, you will find a decadent omelette bar with dozens of possible filling options.

Fortunately, this buffet is located mere moments away from popular hotels on the Strip and condos such as Newport Lofts. This means that you can overindulge to your heart’s content and not have to worry about a long journey home.

Buffets are a time honoured tradition in Las Vegas – enjoy, and Bon Appetit!

Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Condos


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