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Experiencing the Many Attractions on the Las Vegas Strip

Perhaps one of the most famous and certainly the most fabulous stretch of roads in the world, the Las Vegas Strip is comprised of incredible attractions everywhere you look.

For those living and staying at a nearby Las Vegas condo, you are sure to spend many nights discovering all that the Strip has to offer. To maximize your time here, stay at one of the nearby condos such as Loft 5 so that you can be mere moments away from all the fun and excitement that you can find on this truly famous road.

Some of the attractions waiting for you on your visit to the Strip are based on pop culture royalty, while others include simply soaking up the atmosphere in general. Check out of list of the best attractions that you will find on the Las Vegas Strip.

CSI: The Experience

For fans of the TV series, the CSI Experience is one not to be missed. The attraction is a multi-sensory experience where guests play the role of crime scene investigators who have to solve a mystery. As well as being a highly entertaining experience, it is also incredibly interesting as you discover real-life scientific principles and investigation techniques.

This attraction is designed to look like a real-life crime lab, and guests will believe they are truly part of the show. The use of incredible high-tech special effects and meticulous crime scenes will almost make you believe it is real.

Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

For a chance to see dolphins behaving naturally in an up-close and personal setting the Dolphin Habitat is a must visit for all families. While the dolphins don’t perform for the guests, the facility is incredibly education where you can find out more about the beloved animals and watch them play naturally.

The Secret Garden is also an incredible sight, where you can see lions and tigers in a lush and tropical environment. The animals are all well cared for, with luxury resting areas that feature a large amount of space to roam and waterfalls to drink from.

High Roller

The immense observation wheel sits at 550 feet tall to give incredible views across the Strip, the Las Vegas valley and the surrounding mountains. The High Roller features 28 enclosed, air-conditioned pods for comfort while having a bird’s eye view of the city. Conveniently located in the LINQ district, the High Roller is in the heart of the action and is well worth a trip.

Strolling the Strip

Taking a wander up the Las Vegas Strip is a time honored tradition that is sure to impress and enchant you. Every step along the way you will experience something new, magical and bizarre. From the exteriors of the world’s finest resorts and casinos, to the craziness and chaos of the characters along the way, you’ll never forget the time you spend walking up the Strip.


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