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It’s Cocktail Hour in Las Vegas – Where to go

The Best Cocktail Bars In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the best place to be sinful and daring. Sin City boasts world-class gambling and high-life partying – there is never a dull moment in the Entertainment Capital of the World! The deliciously indulgent cocktails that dominate the gambling and party scene bring a lot of the best nights to life, fueling debauchery and fun on a wild night out. If you want to experience a new flavor or discover your new go-to cocktail, visit some of these fine cocktail bars to indulge and delight your senses.


Situated at the Las Vegas Condo Cosmopolitan Resort, this glamorous cocktail bar pays tribute to the gentleman who knows his cocktails, the spy James Bond. Bond doesn’t just serve interesting and unusual drinks in a glitzy setting – no, it does a lot more than that! This bar is known for regular pop-up performances that surprise from various window boxes scattered around the bar. The performances vary from traditional singing to death-defying trapeze artists to go-go dancing. Bond is definitely a bar that amazes, delights and surprises.

Bar Prohibition

As the name suggests, Bar Prohibition offers an array of Prohibition-era cocktails and the bar commemorates and celebrates the repeal. The bar is situated in one the most historic resorts in Las Vegas, The Golden Gate Casino. This hotel has survived throughout Prohibition, unlike many other resorts. Bar Prohibition is famous for its clientele, and it even played host to Frank Sinatra whenever he was in town. To pay homage to Frank Sinatra, Bar Prohibition offers a drink in his name featuring Frank’s favorite spirit, Jack Daniels Whiskey.

Velveteen Rabbit

A cosy and intimate bar located just moments away from Juhl condo makes the Velveteen Rabbit the ideal relaxing escape away from the mainstream Strip. Velveteen Rabbit is a small and quaint bar that offers comfy couches, making it easy to wile away plenty of hours here. Velveteen Rabbit regularly changes its cocktail offerings and carefully crafts drinks inspired by seasonal variations and new, exotic tastes.

Atomic Liquors

Atomic Liquors is a bar that is off the beaten track, but well worth hunting down. Atomic Liquors is an iconic bar for being the oldest freestanding bar in the whole of Las Vegas. Atomic Liquors is well known for attracting celebrities thanks to its distance away from the Strip and its funky in-house drink creations. Not to far way from Atomic Liquor is the Ogden High Rise Condos, one of the best towers in down town Las Vegas.

Frankie’s Tiki Room

Frankie’s is a kitsch fest tiki bar known for serving creative, delicious rum based drinks. The bar is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning that Frankie’s can be the beginning or the end of a great night out. Relax in hand-carved furniture and take in the crazy bamboo and Polynesian décor. Frankie’s is proud to feature designs by a whole host of Tiki artists, including Crazy Al Evans, Tiki Bosko, Tiki Ray, and Billy the Crud. Sip on a high octane rum drink served in a hollowed out pineapple and enjoy the ukulele music – this is an iconic slice of the South Pacific in the heart of Las Vegas.


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