Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

Top 4 Outdoor Experiences in Las Vegas

Outdoor Destinations You Must Visit When In Las Vegas

While many people struggle to make it out of the casino during their stay in Las Vegas, the nearby Nevada desert can offer many beautiful sights to nature buffs and tourists alike. Take a step out into this breath taking natural setting, especially if you need a break from the bright lights and the glitz and the glamour of the Strip.

Red Rock Canyon

Just a short while away from The Strip and all of its Las Vegas condos, you’ll find the stunning Red Rock Canyon. Situated in the nearby Mojave Desert, the Canyon is an impressive geological feature that looks like a slightly clumsy giant layer cake. The Canyon is awe-inspiring, and you can make the most of it simply by taking a 13-mile drive around the scenic loop.  If you want to get out and active, the Red Rock Canyon offers rock-climbing and hiking activities so that you can get up close to the action in this beautiful conservation area.

Hoover Dam

Originally designed to control flooding from the Colorado River, the dam now generates a substantial amount of power. In fact, it produces power for over one million people in the Nevada area! The Hoover Dam concern offers fascinating tours that include a walk across the top of the dam, something that will truly help you to comprehend the scale of this vast construction. The tour also allows you to take a ride in an underground elevator, enabling you to can see the massive turbines in action! The Dam is less than an hour away from the Cosmopolitan Resort on the Las Vegas Strip, and it is well worth a visit to understand and take a different view of Las Vegas from jaw-dropping heights.

Valley of Fire State Park

Commonly featured in huge blockbuster films such as Star Trek and Total Recall, the Valley of Fire State Park boast immense cinematic beauty. The vibrant red rock creates a dramatic backdrop, and unusual rock formations give the park an almost alien-like feeling. There are many interesting rock formations to marvel at, including the Beehives and Duck Rock. The best time to visit Valley of Fire State Park is at sunset when the low sun casts a fiery red glow across the whole landscape, it is definitely a place where you must bring your camera.

Ziplining in Bootleg Canyon

While you may already be familiar with the one located on Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas, did you know that another impressive zipline is nearby? Get out of Vegas and head into the great outdoors near Boulder City. The Bootleg Canyon Zipline is one of the most exciting thing that you can do in the Las Vegas area. You’ll first be picked up in a rough and ready truck, followed by short and interesting hike.

After this, you’ll be strapped into a secure harness and you’ll set sail on a series of downhill zip lines. You’ll race at speeds topping 50 miles per hour, and the longest zip is a half mile! This is a day of fun and exhilaration for the whole family – don’t miss out!

Ziplining in Bootleg Canyon Las Vegas

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