jubilee Las Vegas A World Capital for Talent

Las Vegas – A World Capital for Talent

Las Vegas – a world capital for talent

There is no denying that Las Vegas is one of the great entertainment capitals of the world. Dozens of big budget shows, thousands of cabaret acts, tens of thousands of entertainers – this is a city built on showbiz. While millions of people from across the United States flock to Vegas for fun, partying and relaxation, there are many who come for a career.

Increasingly, the people coming to work in Las Vegas shows and acts are from abroad. After all, some of Las Vegas’s most famous names are transplants from other country’s – Siegfried & Roy (Germany), Celine Dion (Canada), Cirque du Soleil (Canada) and Charo (Spain).

While Hollywood might attract those interested in the movies, Vegas attracts the circus performers, the dancers and the comedians. One Las Vegas dream might be to star in a topless review while another might be to bring down the house in a comedy club – they’re all here for the glitz and excitement.

Thankfully, the Las Vegas condo market is booming, and there is housing available for all of those from around the world who want to live in a great place at a reasonable price.

Russian Circus Performers given a new lease on life

Nowadays, the Cirque du Soleil shows are some of the biggest draws in Las Vegas, but back in 1993 they were an unknown act. When the first show, Mystere, opened at Treasure Island, it employed numerous Russian trapeze artists who were escaping the former Soviet Union. They went on to help make Cirque one of the most important companies in Las Vegas history, and now the shows employ circus performers from around the globe.

The former model turned One Las Vegas resident

Las Vegas increasingly attracts the world’s artistic elite. Rimonda Miara is a former model and fashion designer from Israel. After decades of living in New York, she decided to move to Las Vegas in 2000. She was drawn to the glamour, the lifestyle and the world class entertainment and dining options. Known for her excellent taste, she now lives in One Las Vegas, a high-rise Las Vegas condo community located on South Las Vegas Boulevard.

The Tech Industry – A new kind of talent for Las Vegas?

While we might traditionally think of Las Vegas as a place that attracts models, dancers, entertainers and singers, it is fast becoming the tech capital of the world. In addition to being the home of thousands of tech start ups, Las Vegas hosts the annual CES conference, drawing over 170,000 people to the city. Four hundred thousand companies will be in attendance, showing off their developments in robotics, virtual reality and smart home devices. As a result, Las Vegas attracts tens of thousands of skilled tech innovators from around the country and around the world. Las Vegas condos are in high demand!

Whether you are coming to Las Vegas for a job in the tech world, the entertainment world or just to settle down, we can help you find the condo that is perfect for your needs.

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