Top 5 Art Deco Spots to see in Las Vegas

Art Deco and Modern Architecture in Las Vegas

When it comes to entertainment, Las Vegas is undeniably one of the world’s capitals. Known for delicious buffets, epic shows and big jackpots, Vegas is the place to have a good time. But did you also know that it great place to see mid century architecture?

Art Deco and mid century modern buildings can be found throughout Nevada, and Las Vegas is great place to see some exciting architecture. From a boutique high rise that embodies the spirit of Art Deco to a graveyard for old neon signs, Las Vegas is a great place to explore mid century architecture.

Art Deco is re-emerging as a popular style of design and architecture – get on trend and explore Las Vegas’s condos, post offices, museums and more.

An art deco boutique high rise

The Metropolis is a Las Vegas condo high rise built in the late ‘00s, but you might not realize its age at a glance. The tower was designed with an art deco theme, and it is a dazzling example of how to create new buildings with a hint of heritage appeal. Even if you are not interested in purchasing a Las Vegas condo, if you love architecture you should pay the Metropolis a visit.

The Huntridge Theater

The Huntridge Theatre is located in Downtown Las Vegas, and it should not be missed. Built by famed Architect S. Charles Lee in 1944, this building is a mix of Art Deco and Art Moderne styles. It was listed on the National Registry of Historic places in 1993, and it sits on the edge of the historic Huntridge neighborhood, another great area to explore.

The Las Vegas Academy

Originally built as The Las Vegas High School in 1930, the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts (a magnet school) is bedecked with a Mayan motif. This is truly a unique style of Art Deco, and would be the perfect place to practice architectural photography.

The Neon Museum

Las Vegas is home to the world’s finest museum dedicated to the magic of the neon sign! Introduced in the early 1920s, neon signs used to be a beacon of style and class, but soon became associated with vice and nightlife. It makes sense that Las Vegas became the world’s neon sign capital! The Neon Museum is home to some of the city’s most iconic old signs – you’ve got see them to believe them. Book one of their daily guided tours to really experience this site.

The Hoover Dam

If you are visiting Las Vegas or living in the area, you are likely to take a trip to the Hoover Dam. This important historical structure was built in 1935, and it one of the most interesting Art Deco designs in Nevada. Located less than one hour from Las Vegas, it is well worth making the trip to the Dam to enjoy its Art Deco history.

Hoover Dam at Night Hoover Dam at Night


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