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Unique things to see and do in Downtown Las Vegas

Unique things to see and do in Downtown Las Vegas

When you say the name ‘Las Vegas,’ most people immediately think of the glitz and glamour of the infamous Strip night clubs, the shows of the MGM Grand and the mile long buffets of Planet Hollywood. While the Las Vegas Strip is certainly a legendary part of “Sin City,” there is another area that you should not miss out on.

Whether you live in a Las Vegas Condo or you are visiting from out of town, spending time in Downtown Las Vegas is a ‘must-do’ for everyone.

More and more, Las Vegas residents are choosing to embrace the lifestyle of living in loft condos in Downtown Las Vegas. Home to a unique community of close knit neighbours, unique businesses and fascinating history, Downtown is increasingly becoming the trendiest spot in Vegas. Modern condos, such as the Soho Lofts, are attracting the most influential trendsetters in the city. There is a lot attract tourists to the area – there is so much to see and do.

If you are looking for some unique and outrageous things to do in Downtown Las Vegas, read ahead.

Stroll down Fremont East and marvel at Vegas history

If you want to time travel through the fascinating decades of Las Vegas’s history, take a stroll down Fremont Street and take a look down. Here you will find 18 bronze plaques embedded in the sidewalk, each commemorating an event or notable person in the city’s past. You’ll learn about “Bugsy” Siegel, Wayne Newton, Steve Wynn and Benny Binion.

Say hello to Vegas Vic and Vegas Vickie

Oh, you think you’ve never met these Las Vegas icons? Sure you have! They’re the towering neon sign characters that live on Fremont Street and help to give the area its nickname: the “Glitter Gulch.” You’ll find Vegas Vic at the Pioneer Gift Shop (next to Golden Nugget), and Vegas Vickie is right beside the Golden Goose sign.

Sip some brews at Banger Brewing

Downtown Las Vegas has its very own microbrewery, and you can take free tours of its operation. Taste some delicious lagers, porters and IPAs while you enjoy the rustic ambiance. You’ll find Banger Brewing at the base of the SlotZilla zip line take-off tower.

Shake your money maker at the Burlesque Hall of Fame

Located just a few minute on foot from Soho Lofts, the Burlesque Hall of Fame is a truly amazing hidden gem. An intimate space, it celebrates the history of burlesque dancing and entertainment. You can find it inside of the Emergency Arts building, and while there is no admission fee, they do appreciate donation.

Step on the scales at Heart Attack Grill

Love greasy food? You’re in luck. A healthy eater? Then you can stop by and wag your finger. The Heart Attack Grill is a crazy restaurant that is known for its gut busting menu and high calorie counts. There is a scale outside, and if you weigh more than 300 pounds you can eat for free. It’s up to you if that is worth it!

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