Mandarin Oriental – The Life in The Best Tower in Las Vegas

Mandarin Oriental “I can see for miles, and miles and miles…”

The Who could have been singing about the experience of staring out of one of the windows in the Mandarin Oriental, one of Las Vegas’ finest condo developments. Offering you the opportunity to live in the heart of the Strip in a non-gaming environment, this is a truly amazing place to call home. You’ll spend your time surrounded by world class entertainment, delicious dining opportunities and plenty of likeminded individuals who will help you turn your high rise condo in a home you are proud to own.

If you have been considering a move to (or an investment opportunity in) vibrant and growing Las Vegas, consider the Mandarin Oriental. The quality and luxury alone should be enough to compel you, but in case you need more convincing, see below.

The benefits of living in a high rise condo

There are countless benefits of living in (or investing in) a high rise Las Vegas condo. Here are just a few of our favorites reasons why anyone would benefit from this investment.

  • Central location without the stress– First of all, you’re in the heart of the action without always feeling the stress of the crowds. The Mandarin Oriental is located in the hub of City Center Las Vegas, a new lifestyle and entertainment complex that is changing the way people spend time in Sin City. City Center allows you to live centrally located on the Strip, while still maintaining an air of exclusivity, and the sheer height of your high rise condo will separate you from the din down below.
  • The spectacular views – We can’t tell you about the benefits of a high rise condo in Vegas without mentioning the stunning views –these are some of the best in Vegas. From your condo in the Mandarin Oriental, you will be privy to panoramic landscape views across both the desert and the city, sure to dazzle you and impress any guests brought to your home. These views are the envy of the country – and worth every penny.
  • Hey, you might even live longer! – Does a stress reduced lifestyle floating high above the city streets sound like something that might improve your quality of life? The Daily Mail sure thinks so. The British news organization recently posted an article positing that those who live above the eighth floor of a high rise are likely to live longer and healthier lives.

We all know that Las Vegas is an exciting place to spend time, so while you are in the market for a new property why not marry your love of this fast growing city with an investment opportunity that will improve your life? If you are interested, we are happy to help facilitate the process, answer any questions you might have – and make you dreams come true.

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