High Rise Condo with Room Service?

Most buyers have no idea that they can purchase a Las Vegas condo that has all the same amenities as a hotel. Getting home late and want to order up some snacks? No problem just pick up the room service menu and start ordering! Is your Las Vegas condo getting a little messy? No problem just call house keeping and they will get your unit feeling like new again.

In the Las Vegas condo market we have 7 Hotel Condo towers. A Condo Hotel is a unit in a local hotel that you can purchase and be the sole owner of. This is not a time share or fractional ownership you own 100% of the unit just like purchasing any other property. If you chose to you can live in a condo hotel as your primary residence or keep it as an amazing piece of your real estate portfolio.

How to Purchase a Condo Hotel

If owning a hotel room in a world famous hotel is interesting to you hear is how you can purchase. Be prepared to pay cash. 90% of all hotel condo sales have been cash sales in the past year.  73% of all high rise condos in Las Vegas have been a cash sale over the past year. If you are looking at a studio (any unit under 800sqft) then it is a cash only sale. If you are looking to purchase a one bedroom or larger (any unit over 800sqft) then we have special financing available for that if needed.

Condo Hotel HOA Dues

The HOA cost for a hotel condo studio will be around $550 a month. This will typically include all utilities, cable, internet, power, trash, gas, water and the keep up of the tower. Of course as an owner you will still have full access to the pool, gym, spa and any other amenities your particular tower offers.  The one bedrooms will usually range from $900-1200 a month depending on the tower.

To find out more information on Condo Hotels in Las Vegas Please follow the link below.

Las Vegas Condo Hotels FAQ



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