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Extreme Sport Park in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been known for going above and beyond, bigger and better than anyone else in the world. Following in that tradition will be a new Extreme Sport Park fronting Las Vegas Blvd! Josh Kearney, the Australian engineer and entrepreneur has been the driving force for this idea from its inception. He originally had proposed the idea in 2013 with a section of land half of the current 90 acres he has secured across the street from the high end outdoor mall Town Square.

The extra space would be necessary for all of the attractions that are set to be in the park. It looks as if the smart wave pool will be one of the main attractions, not to say the zipline coaster and dirt bike course won’t be big crowd pleasers. The wave pool would communicate with a pre programmed wrist band that would have your skill level and size of waves that should be created for you specifically. As you progress and become better you can have the waves increased accordingly.

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Zip Lines have become very popular in Las Vegas. Stating in downtown Las Vegas a zip line was placed going directly down fremont street. After that success the Rio placed a line between their towers. Now this Extreme Sports Park will take it to the next level with a zipline coaster. “They actually go sideways up and down. You can swing your body, and the whole apparatus of the line shakes and moves, so it feels like you’re floating in air and flying,” Josh Kearney says. Yet these will be just a few items in the park which is planned to have dozens of other attractions including wakeboarding, rafting, BMX, rock climbing and much much more.

All of these attractions sound like a fabulous idea but with all projects we shouldn’t get excited until money has been shown to be able to bring these ideas to fruition. Recently Kearney announced he has secured the funds to proceed with the $60 million park. The permitting process has already begun with the county. They plan to break ground as soon as possible and even expect to have  soft opening this upcoming winter.

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Extreme Sport Park in Las Vegas - Las Vegas Condos Extreme Sport Park in Las Vegas - Las Vegas Condos

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