2050 Motors Electric car las vegas

Second Electric Car Company Comes to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is on its way becoming the country’s top electric car manufacturing city. CEO, Michael Hu, of 2050 Motors announced the city of Las Vegas will be the spot they manufacture all of their electric cars for the USA. This is another massive announcement for the Las Vegas economy. Large companies are flocking to Nevada for multiple reason. One of which would be their company’s bottom line. Nevada has a very favorable pro business tax structure which looks like a desert oasis for those coming from neighboring California.

2050 Motors is already ahead of Faraday Future as two car models are currently being shown in Las Vegas. The Ibis is the luxury sedan and the e-Go is the compact two door. The two models are available to the public at Tivoli Village next to One Queensridge Place Condos. Las Vegas will be the initial target market for 2050 Motors as over 43,000,000 visit Las Vegas a year and the eyes of the nation will be able to view the new technology.

The two electric cars in production from 2050 Motors are built with carbon fiber materials, the first electric vehicle to do so. Decreasing the total weight and increasing the total strength a great deal. The company says the cars have over 200 mile ranges. With Las Vegas tourism at an all time high and only seen to increase the company feels confident in the choice of producing and introducing these two models in Las Vegas. 

With electric cars becoming more commonplace more and more high rise towers in Las Vegas are adding electric car charging stations. Condo owners in Panorama Towers and The Mandarin Oriental currently use their charging stations regularly. Tesla has become a popular choice with the Mandarin Oriental condo owners specifically.

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