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The Raiders Looking at Las Vegas

30 Jan 2016 0 , ,

The Raiders are Looking to Make a Move

Nevada has never had an NFL team. Yet, we now have a chance. With UNLV purchasing 42 prime acres of land next to the MGM grand we now have the perfect location for a true NFL size stadium in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Sands chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson wants to build a Billion dollar domed stadium on the newly acquired UNLV land. The information came out Thursday after a confidential email was leaked from UNLVs president Len Jessups email account. In the email it outlined the meeting to take place with representatives from the Raiders coming to Las Vegas to view the potential stadium site.

UNLV would be thrilled to have a large stadium on campus for the UNLV team to be able to use on. The current field used to play and practice on for the UNLV football team is 9 miles away from the campus.  Some say Mark Davis, the owner of the Raiders, may not have the wherewithal to move his team to a new location but with support from one of the worlds richest men that could change quickly. Sheldon Adelson, listed among the 15 richest men in the world, has been known to make things happen. In the past the NFL has been against having professional teams in Las Vegas but since we now have an NHL team coming to town maybe this has opened the door to other professional sport teams to relocate to the silver state.

Just in case your team moves to Las Vegas maybe you should start shopping for a High Rise Condo close to the stadium. If a team does relocate into town yearly visitation could increase greatly. Even though Las Vegas tourist numbers have already more then rebounded an professional sports team could make the numbers look even better and bring a lot more money flowing into the Nevada. With the trend of tourists being less gambling and more restaurants, shows and entertainment this could be the best time in history for this to happen.

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