FFZERO1 Faraday Future Concept Car - Las Vegas NV

Faraday Future FFZERO1 – Las Vegas News

Faraday Future announced last month that Las Vegas will be home to the company’s $1 Billion manufacturing plant. After this news the internet has been buzzing with projected time lines for breaking ground and just what the future company’s cars may look like. Just hours ago we got our answer.

This look into the mind of the company has sparked a larger interest for those going to the CES convention that will start in Las Vegas tomorrow. At CES Faraday Future will unveil the concept car in the video above.

The concept is said to have 1,000 HP driven by 4 independent electric motors, one on each wheel. Zero to 60 in under 3 seconds is the projected speed when in all wheel drive. The company has declared flexibility to be the main idea behind their current and future designs. Each wheel having its own dedicated motor will allow the car to be front wheel, rear wheel or all wheel drive depending on the drivers needs.

Being a concept car this was created to show off the company’s ideas for the future. Indeed the sport car shown is visually enticing but we argue the true first model that will go into production will be more accommodating to the drivers of today. Speaking to this fact and the company’s ideas of ultra flexibility Faraday Future has mentioned their purchasing platform may have multiple levels. For instance the customer who wants to purchase a Faraday car out right may do so, however the company is exploring the option for a subscription program that would let subscribers pick what they need. Most months you may want a sedan but when winter rolls around you may want to use an SUV to take the family to the mountains.

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FFZERO1 Faraday Future Concept Car - Las Vegas NV FFZERO1 Faraday Future Concept Car - Las Vegas NV FFZERO1 Faraday Future Concept Car - Las Vegas NV

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