Faraday Futures Las vegas

Las Vegas Electric Car Movement Continues

Las Vegas has been known for changing constantly. Construction sites around town that never end seem normal to residents and we joke that the crane is the state bird. New mega resort projects had been going for approval every other day with the state pre 2008. Then the country saw the worst economic crash since 1929.  The market was dead all projects stopped some billion dollar projects halted completely. But in December of 2015, only 7 years after the crash, Las Vegas has come back! A new Las Vegas in emerging being reinvented from its past. A Las Vegas not just focused solely on gaming, entertainment or culinary perfection. Now Las Vegas will become the city to create and build new companies and indeed a new industry that will help shape America.

Faraday Futures Las Vegas

On December 10th 2015 Faraday Futures, a driverless smart electric car company, chose North Las Vegas as the site for their new $1 Billion manufacturing plant. Some have said North Las Vegas may become the Detroit of electric cars.  Faraday is not a single event, they followed the trend set by Tesla to move manufacturing jobs to Nevada to take advantage of the highly competitive offers given by the state to entice large companies to chose the state for new construction. Many other mega corporations have already quietly moved to Las Vegas in recent years.

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