High Speed Train Las Vegas

High Speed Condos in Las Vegas!

Future Boost for Condos in Las Vegas

We have been waiting for years for the rumor of a high speed train to break ground to connect the heart of Nevada to the heart of California. It looks like our dream is becoming a reality! A short 10 years in the making and looks like the project will soon be taking off in 2016. The train is expected to connect Victorville, Palmdale and Nevada. At an expected cost of just $89, travelers will have the opportunity to arrive at their destination in just 80 minutes. Some of the cars will have entertainment, drinks and meals.

Live in Las Vegas work in California?

Condos in Las Vegas have seen a large influx of California transplants looking to escape taxes, costs of living and traffic. For those looking for a much lower cost of living, Las Vegas is a prime town to consider. The cost of living in regards to housing and utilities for condos in Las Vegas ranks below the national average as apposed to 2.8 times the national average with housing in Los Angeles.  As a hypothetical example: If you are in the market for a luxurious vacation home or primary residence and the condo that has caught your eye in Los Angeles with a price tag of $2.8M may only cost you $1M in Las Vegas. Not to mention your property taxes will be much lower and we have no state income tax for Nevada residences. As a Broker in the luxury Las Vegas market I believe this project when completed will increase the demand for high rise condos in Las Vegas.

High Rise Condos and High Speed Trains

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