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The Spa at The Mandarin Oriental

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The other day my wife and I had a couples message in the world renowned Mandarin Oriental 5 Star Spa.  The legendary service of the Mandarin Oriental did not disappoint. When we checked in we were given the customary forms to fill out to let our masseuse know if we have any health issues or aggravations.  While filling out this form we had a tray of fresh sandals brought to us and our shoes were taken away from us on a tray as well to be returned after we left the spa.  A tray of hot towels and two cups of the best minty green tea I have had in a long time also came out for us to enjoy.  Having both of these being a delightful surprise to us we where told when ready our spa guides will start us on our way to our treatments.  Just walking in the door of the Mandarin Spa and sitting in the waiting area had already started to let me relax and my shoulders had subsided from my ears.

Hot tea and hot towelsThe Lounge

Finishing our tea and our forms we waved to let the attendant know we were ready to continue.  My wife Savannah had been surprised that the size they had chosen in sandals actually fit very well considering we did not notice anyone outwardly looking at our feet to size them up.  The Staff at The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas have been trained to observe the needs of the guests with out the guests asking.  This is a horrible flaw to some owners who use the Mandarin Condos as a second or third home.  One of my owners explained it to me like this, “When I arrive back at my primary residence I feel like I have downgraded in some way. The detail to the task at hand has not been matched in any of my other residences which are also in so called luxurious towers.”

Following our hosts we were guided to a set of stairs leading us into the mens and womans locker rooms.  The mens was to my right and the womans was to my left.  We each had a host assigned to give us the tour of the amenities.  From there we my wife and I split ways. Walking into the mens spa I was shown every feature and how to operate it.  My guide was very thorough in explaining the best practices for each.  After the tour he showed me my locker and how to use the locks on it.  The locker had towels and a Mandarin Oriental Spa robe ready for me.  Having little time to indulge in the mens spa before my message I changed into my robe and was guided to the co-ed area where my wife would meet me and from their we would be taken to our privet room.

Savannah relaxing, co-ed areaThe co-ed areaMandarin RobeLockersLockers

Our couples message was a 60 minute slice of heaven. The girls who had been assigned to us knew exactly what they were doing.  My wife had described it as, “She was the best I have ever had. Not only was it a great message but she also seamed to know exactly where my sensitive joints where and made sure not to irritate them! I have never had anyone that good.”  My masseuse was also very well trained. No painful moments or overly rushed areas, every body part was timed correctly.  After the main event had come to completion Savannah and I both head back to the locker rooms to relax and exploit the amenities we had seen before changing.

First on my list was the tile chairs that are continually warm to get your body ready for more extreme heats in the saunas.  The Mandarin Spa attendant had suggested this as the beginning point as well.  Three tile chairs all had LED ambient lighting underneath which added the awe factor not to mention the chairs all had a view of the entrance into CityCenter looking directly at the flagship Gucci store in the Crystals Mall.

The worming chairsThe viewThe worming chairs

After the warming chairs I went right for the hot tub which had a row of stainless steal chairs sunk into the tub curved just enough for you to be comfortable while enjoying the heat.  The hot tub also overlooks the Las Vegas Strip.  While reclined in the still waters of the hot tub with my eyes closed a voice quietly offered me a rolled towel as a head rest to which I courteously excepted.  Little did I know the towel added a great deal more comfort to the situation.

View from the top.View from the hot tubThe hot tub

After the hot tub I went to the wet sauna and then into the dry.  Both felt amazing and in between saunas I was offered cold wet towels to cool down or we could do it the old fashioned way with the bucket of ice that had its own spot between the wet and dry rooms.  I wish I had snagged a photo of the ice bucket but I guess I will do that next time.  After thoroughly enjoying myself I hopped into the showers that can simultaneously release hot and cold water on you in the form of rain fall.  After cleaning up my wife had called and let me know she was finishing up as well.  I changed back into my clothes and got ready to head back into reality.  My host brought me to where my wife was waiting in the spa store and my shoes where returned to me on the same tray they had been taken with.  Overall it was a fantastic journey that I would like to take again soon.  All of which is available at a discounted rate to those who purchase a condo in the Mandarin Oriental Residences.  If you have thought of the idea of owning a home in the Mandarin Las Vegas give me a call any time on my cell phone (702)810-6039. The condos in the Mandarin Las Vegas are the best we have to offer on Las Vegas Blvd.

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